Adamas, 84801, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece


No luxury holiday experience is complete without the special treatments of our Spa. Our therapist combines advanced relaxation and healing modalities with the purest ingredients from the region such as olive oil, honey and other extracts to provide a select number of treatments targeted at your specific needs.

Whether you require relaxation, invigoration, targeted or general body work, or if you are looking for a more advanced energy healing healing experience, our treatments are carefully and lovingly designed and executed to take special care of that which is most important. You!


Body Massages

Mediterranean Shells Massage...... 60 mins  | 90 Euro

Massage with real Mediterranean organic shells that naturally emit calcium ions, transported directly to the skin through the action of heat. As the shells flow warmly in waves into your body they eliminate muscle tension, calm the nervous system and enhance blood and lymph circulation. 
Gentle, with subtle notes of exotic fruit and rich in vitamin E, the massage oil softens, nourishes and gives radiance to your skin. The uniqueness of the Mediterranean Shells Massage is the power of warmth, touch and fragrance. 

Aegean Massage...... 90 mins | 100 Euro

A holistic journey to recharge the body's batteries. The treatment starts with a creamy body scrub containing oligomer crystals to soften the skin, followed by a massage. This specific massage produces a fully encompassing holistic approach from the tips of the toes to the ends of the hair. It provides perfect balance between light strokes and pressures and between deep tissue massage and a gentle hand massage for an instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation. Results: your body is relaxed, reenergised and deeply revitalised.

Hellenic  Massage...... 60 mins  | 70 Euro

Massage using the essential oils of mastic, bilberry and balsam that rejuvenate, relax and tone all the tensed areas of your body, promoting serenity and well-being. The beneficial properties of mastic oil are especially known to offer the skin glow and beauty, and its seductive fragrance embodies the primeval energy of the Greek land.

Deep Tissue...... 60 mins  | 70 Euro

Soothes tight muscles with deeply therapeutic massage techniques. Intense, deep and strongly rhythmic movements make this customised massage powerfully therapeutic for body and soul.
This technique focuses on muscle flexibility and improves the blood circulation, targeting knots and releasing chronic tension and pain.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage...... 60 mins  | 70 Euro or 90 mins  | 100 Euro

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is performed with gentle pressure, enhancing the circulation of lymph, a liquid that transports useful substances around the body and carries waste matter away from body tissue.

Therefore, the immune system is improved and after the treatment you feel lighter and relieved. In case of cellulite, it is the recommended technique and the focus is more on these areas using special products for the most efficient results. Other reasons to benefit from a lymphatic massage are stress, fatigue, hormonal and digestion disorders, swelling, oedema, flabbiness, insomnia, skin problems, etc.

Candle Massage...... 60 mins  | 80 Euro

A massage with oil from hot candles creates a memorable experience, executed in a lovely perfumed ambiance. A full body massage that uses the benefit of creamy warm candle oil to enhance blood flow and relax the muscular system, helping the body eliminate all the daily stresses. Your personalized sensorial journey relies on the therapist’s intuitive touch, supplemented by the sensation of creamy, warm candle oil.


Aromatherapy...... 50 mins  | 60 Euro

Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with a body aromatic massage using an essential oil of your choice, to relax the body and the mind. Essential oils play a significant role in moisturising and detoxifying the skin.

Reflexology...... 30 mins  | 30 Euro

Reflexology is a therapeutic method which relieves stress by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet. The benefits of a Reflexology session are manifold: Calmness and serenity, improved circulation, increased energy and balanced emotions among many others. Not only soothing to sore feet, it can benefit most other body aches and pains.

Neck & Back ritual...... 30 mins  | 30 Euro

Gentle and stimulating techniques on upper back, shoulders and neck. The ideal treatment after a long day.

Foot & Legs ritual...... 30 mins  | 30 Euro

Ideal to relieve stress after long journey, it concentrates on feet and legs, restoring senses and spirit.

Body Treatments and Wraps

Sea Foam Exfoliation...... 45 mins  | 50 Euro

A treatment with soft foam for deep cleansing, intense and rejuvenating hydration, with immediate refreshing and brightening results. An effective treatment for dry skin, ideal after prolonged sun exposure.

Moroccan Peeling Rose Jasmine...... 45 mins  | 50 Euro

Delightful exfoliation with cherry and plum kernel powders that eliminate impurities and dead cells providing leaving your skin soft and bright. A creamy-textured milk follows, which moisturizes and nourishes, envelops your body with a soft and delicate fragrance of Moroccan rose petals and jasmine.


Other Services

Hamam (Steam bath)...... 25 mins  | 20 Euro
Manicure...... 30 Euro
French Manicure...... 35 Euro
Pedicure...... 40 Euro
French Pedicure...... 45 Euro

Nail Care (by advance appointment)


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At Santa Maria Spa, we take your well-being very seriously. We believe in providing an experience that is as much therapeutic as it is relaxing, or invigorating. Which is why we have taken great care in carefully selecting a gifted, fully qualifed therapist to work with us.

Marina Christi

Marina is a talented and versatile therapist with a specialization in  in massage therapy, acupuncture and beauty treatments.

Her extensive training and experience include herbal and traditional Greek medicine, Cupping, Gua Sha, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Theta healing.

For a therapy session that is just right for you, please feel free to let her know what it is you are looking to gain from your therapy session, as well as any specific circumstances and/or requirements that you may have.

You are in good hands. We wish you a pleasant healing experience. 

Our Spa is open from 10 am - 10pm every day of the week. Should you require treatment outside these operating hours please contact us and we will make arrangements, subject to availability.